Fragile / Glass

Vantage Point Services has a long history of shipping fragile commodities, such as sheet glass.  What is sheet glass?  Sheet Glass is combination of sand and other materials that are melted and rolled thru a long flat kiln.  As the melted glass rolls  through the kiln, various patterns and lines are formed within the glass- no two pieces of sheet glass are the same!  These sheets are then cut smaller for shipping.  We work closely with the shipper to ensure your product is picked up and taken to the port of loading in a safe and timely manner.    We work with several truckers and warehouses, which enables us to pickup and consolidate multiple sheet glass orders from multiple vendors.  This consolidation process will save time and money when shipping from multiple locations.   Vantage Point Services takes the worry out of shipping fragile commodities.  We handle your shipments with care.