Foods, Cosmetics, and Other FDA Goods






Cinnamon from Saigon, Black Pepper from India, Seafood from around the World, Cosmetics and Medical Devices are just a few of the specialty items that we can help you import into the USA. Vantage Point Services is able to electronically classify and transmit prior notice of your food and / or medical goods to the Food and Drug Administration, five days prior to the vessel arrival into the USA. We can also transmit entry details to both U.S. Customs and FDA so that they can review your shipment at the same time. Whether your goods are brought in at room temperature or frozen, we do our very best to insure that goods are processed with speed and accuracy. Spices, specialty foods and other products regulated by FDA need special attention and the import staff at Vantage Point Services is trained to handle these goods with the best possible care.


While Vantage Point Services specializes in importing FDA and USDA goods, we are also highly skilled at exporting all types of Foods, Medical Devices, etc. Whether it means expertly coordinating a shipment to arrive at the airline right at cutoff to prevent thawing of the food, or closely monitoring Reefer ocean shipments, we can do it all.