Use of ACE CBPF 3461 and Local Impact – Bonds Required for All Entries


(July 26, 2016)

As you may already be aware, effective July 23, 2016, CBP will no longer accept the prior version of the CBPF 3461 (10/09 Version).
General Instructions for Non-ABI Processing can be found at
One of the most important things to note is that, per San Francisco Customs, all entries (including informal entries) now require a Single Transaction E-Bond or a Continuous Bond prior to presenting the entry for release.
The Port of San Francisco understands these non-ABI ACE changes increase the processing times for the importer and CBP. Non-ABI filers have the option to use the services of a licensed customs broker to transmit entry data electronically via ABI into the ACE system. ACE transmissions receive priority processing, often resulting in quicker release
– Adele Fasano, Acting Port Director

As always, Vantage Point Services is here to help clear entries so that you can relax. We can file single entry bonds, submit entries online via ACE, and release them more quickly than going to Customs yourself.

Please call our San Francisco Office: (650) 875-7722 or our Seattle Office: (206) 878-8884 if you need any help clearing customs.

This information came directly from an Information Notice from the Port of San Francisco that was published on July 26, 2016 – Number: 728-06-04. Please contact Entry Branch Chief Elizabeth Vega – (415) 782-9400 with any additional questions.

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